Immediate Cremation Service Policy

The basic needs of families who choose cremation, and by extension the basic services provided to them by the funeral director and staff, are in no way different from those of families who choose burial or entombment.

  • It is our belief and policy that the basic services of the funeral director and staff are the same for, and should be extended to, all families we are privileged to serve.

Cremation is an irreversible act; it cannot be undone.

  • It is our belief and our policy that all possible steps which can be taken to assure the proper identification of the individual being cremated will be taken.
  • It is our belief and our policy that effective and proper identification will remain with the individual through every step of the care and cremation process.

The cremation authorization form, requires the signature of the person identifying the individual for cremation.

  • It is our belief and our policy that to maintain the integrity of the identification process, and to respect the basic human dignity of both the decedent and the person making the identification, that the identification take place:
  • After the person to be cremated has been bathed, clothed, and made presentable:
  • With the individual to be cremated enclosed in the cremation container chosen by the family and in which the cremation will take place.

Effective September 1, 2011 our direct cremation service will include:

  • Bathing, basic hygienic care, dressing and other preparation
  • Basic alternative cremation container
  • Identification in a visiting room by the person signing the cremation authorization or his or her representative.

Our beliefs and policies may result in a fee for services that is some greater than that charged by our colleagues. While we cannot speak to the policies and procedures of other firms, we can speak with confidence about the care and dignity provided all families we are privileged to serve. There are many factors that can influence the choice of a funeral home, such as reputation, integrity, service, price or fundamental care. When all is taken into consideration, we consider ourselves to be a very good choice and a very good value. If, however, price is the only consideration, we regret that we may not always be the provider of choice.